We Never See This!

I had one notable thing that I remember after finishing the last chemotherapy cycle.  It was one of the biggest reminders about how well God took care of me during those treatments. I remember being at home in the den watching TV, I was finally allowed to eat fast food again,  and I was eating a little Chick-fil-A.  A few minutes later I began throwing up and thinking WOW that must have been some bad chicken.  I remember looking at Melanie and saying, ” what’s up with that?”

She called the doctor and  they told her to give me that medicine they prescribed for nausea before chemotherapy began.  Melanie responded by asking, “what prescription?” The doctor hadn’t prescribed anything for nausea.  The nurse said, “Are you serious?  You mean he has gone through 4 cycles of chemo and never gotten sick to his stomach?!  The number one side effect of chemo is nausea and vomiting!”  treatment had I ever gotten sick. Not once!  As several weeks began to come and go I was finally approached by my urology team about the removal of the tumor that started all of this mess in the first place.  I was still extremely swollen from the waist down and and that was the first of several times I had heard the doctors say, “we may have to bite the bullet and go ahead and do this surgery.”  (Make no mistake… I knew who would be biting the bullet!) The surgery took place 3 days after Christmas.  My surgeon called me a couple days later and I was surprised to hear from him because he called in the evening. He said, “Randy I wanted to call and let you know what pathology had found. We ‘never’ see this, but the tumor we took out had absolutely no living cancer cells in it and just so you know, chemotherapy doesn’t do that.” All of a sudden, I had a thought and asked, ” well, if the tumor you took out was the original source what are the chances that the other tumors are dead also?” He replied, “that’s what we we’re wondering. There is a nuclear scan that we can do and if there are any living cancer cells in your body, the scan will, what we call ‘light up’ where the living cells are. Several days later after giving me a chance to recover from the surgery, they did the scan. The results were exactly what we were believing for. NO LIVING CANCER CELLS IN MY BODY! That was obviously a great report to affirm the faithfulness of God but there were several other issues that He was working on and some I didn’t find out about until months later…

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